Chilli Bean Chicken

200gm boneless chicken(slice thinly and cut in strips)
1 tsp corn flour mix with 1tsp water
Salad leaves

Ingredient B
2 garlic (chopped finely)
1 ½ in ginger (chopped finely)
2 large shallots (slice finely) or more (at times I add 6-7 pink shallots)
2 stalk spring onions(the bottom part only)
1 ½ tsp sesame oil
2 tbsp Lee Kum Kee Chilli Bean Sauce 0r taucheo
3 tbsp thin/light soy sauce
2 tbsp thick/dark soy sauce
Salt or sugar to taste/ add more sugar to caramelize the dish

Sprinkle some cornflour mixture into the chicken pieces.Heat 1 cup oil .Just a slight heat only and no need to be high heat .Add in the chicken pieces and keep stirring so that the chicken pieces are untangle .Once you have untangle all the pieces ,dish out .Do not fry the chicken pieces, its purpose is just to untangle and be in individual pieces.
In another wok, add in sesame oil, saute garlic and ginger slightly.Add in onions and chopped spring onions(the bottom part only) and sauté further until slightly brown.
In between mix in chilli bean sauce and stir a few seconds.Add 2 tsp sugar and stir to caramelize add in dark soy sauce , and light soy sauce. In between add chicken pieces and stir to combine with the sauces. If you are using the salty light soy sauce then add in sugar to taste and omit the salt. If you are using the sweet light soy sauce then add in salt and omit sugar.
Once the sauce thicken close fire. Final stage add in 1 tbsp oil in the chicken and stir .This is to give the dish a glossy look. Place a tablespoon of chicken pieces on a salad leaf ,roll and njoy.


  1. Your blog is very creative, when people read this it widens our imaginations.


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