Agar Agar Gula Melaka /Palm Sugar Jelly

This jelly or agar agar gula melaka as it is known in malay ,is quite famous among all malaysians, beside the normal agar agars done with rose or pandan flavouring, this one recipe is some thing that one never can get enough with.To my knowledge its origin is of nyonya delicacies , and was said to be served in most function .As much as this delicacy gets the sweetness from the palm sugar or gula melaka , the coconut milk also plays a very important role in giving it a rich flavour. The agar agar is cooked with the coconut milk , and once cooled, the coconut milk layer rise up giving it a two layer effect. Its really a beautiful dessert, something that one can prepare and keep refrigerated at all times, and always a welcome during summer time.
For this recipe , you can replace the gula melaka with brown sugar ,but the taste might differ.If you are using gula melaka, then try not to add sugar ,the sweetness to this dessert should come fully from the gula melaka that you have used.

The agar agar that I have purchased is 30gms per packet.I only used half of the agar agar strands.You can also substitute with agar agar powder .The amount being 1 ½ tbsp to 2 tbsp .You can use equal portion of coconut milk and fresh milk, if you want it to be more in a healthier side .

15gm agar agar strands (wash to soften)
200gm gula melaka/palm sugar/brown sugar
1 screwpine leaf (knotted)
500ml water

Ingredient B
200ml coconut milk
50ml fresh milk


In a heat proof bowl, combine agar agar strands, palm sugar , screwpine leaf and water.Bring to a boil and let it simmer until the palm sugar dissolves. Occasionally give the syrup a stir. Sieve the mixture and return back to heat.Discard the screwpine leaf. Make sure the syrup is half from its original amount before adding ingredient B.
Once the coconut milk is added , leave to simmer for about 3 to 4 minutes before pouring into moulds or a cake pan. Leave to cool in room temperature for about 20mins before freezing it. After about 2 hours the agar agar is ready to be served.

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  1. thanku for sharing..will try this soon

  2. we have agar agar powder.


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