Mee Rebus/Noodle

(serves 3)

Mee Rebus literally means boiled noodles in English. It is a Malay inspired noodle dish most popular in Malaysia,Indonesia and Singapore which comes with a gravy poured on it.

Mee Rebus is readily available in the local food courts and hawker centers in different version in Peninsular Malaysia. Some Mee Rebus comes sweet and some spicy, some in reddish colour while some brownish ,it all depends on whether the Mee Rebus is a spicy one or not. Throughout the country there may be many mee rebus stalls you can identify as your best – your expressed belief.So that you can go back home to prepare the one that is to your liking!! This popular Malaysian dish is eaten at all times of the day and you can certainly serve it for breakfast.

Before venturing into a culinary adventure of preparing Mee Rebus I did a small research on the general ingredients one needs to prepare Mee Rebus.Most Mee Rebus recipes uses dried prawns or preserved soya bean as one of its main ingredients .The dish is enhance further with chilli paste to give it a spicy taste whilst the stock used is beef stock or at times prawns .

My recipes is not that spicy ,its rather more on the sweet side.The first time I ate this type of Mee Rebus was in Jaya Jusco Melaka food court. My daughter loves it and it is normally a frequent dish that she orders.Further more it doesn’t have dried prawns which she is allergy too!! Anyways at present sad to say , the Mee Rebus stall is no more around.So I thought of trying out a recipe which is similar to it.
Try it out and let me know how it is !!!


• 300gms fresh yellow noodles
• 1 cup bean sprouts

Ingredients for Gravy Sauce

• 5 cups of chicken stock /shrimp stock
• 3 candlenuts
• 2.5cm piece galangal
• 13 shallots
• 2 lemon grass (crushed)
• 1 tbsp coriander powder (roasted)
• 250gm small sweet potatoes (boiled, peeled & mashed finely)
• salt to taste
• 2 tsp brown sugar/gula merah
• 2 tbsp groundnuts(roasted ,take the skin out and grounded fine)
• 1 tsp chilli paste(optional)
• 1 tsp cornflour
• 5 tbsp vegetable oil

Ingredients for Garnishing Mee Rebus

• 2 hard boiled eggs (cut into desired portion)
• 1 fresh green chili (sliced thin)
• 2 limes (halved)
• 2 tbsp cucumber(julienned)
• 1 fried bean curd (sliced thinly)
• Chopped spring onions or Chinese celery/daun sup(use either one only)

Grind galangal,candlenuts and shallots into a paste.Mix coriander powder into the grind paste and leave aside.
Heat oil in a wok, saute the paste until aromatic.If you want it slightly spicy add in 1 tsp chilli paste.Mix in the chicken stock and leave to simmer.Add in the seasoning (salt and brown sugar), mashed potatoes, grounded groundnuts ,lemon grass and let it simmer further.To thicken the gravy add in cornflour mix with half cup of water into the gravy. Once gravy thicken close fire. Before serving , the gravy should be reheated to be hot for serving.
Boil water in a deep pan. Scald the noodle, drain and remove. Scald the bean sprouts, drain and remove.
To serve, put some noodle and bean sprouts into individual serving plates.
Pour in the gravy and garnish well. Serve immediately.

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  1. Yet another truly Malaysian recipe here, thank you for posting this. The last time I made Mee Rebus was at least 10 years ago but my recipe didn't turn out well....reading your recipe is making me crave for some homecooked Mee Rebus now as I can't seem to find any good stalls selling it. I just have to cook some soon! LOL!

    Have a wonderful weekend ahead! :D

    choesf @

  2. Looks good! i would put it awesome!

  3. Hi dont mind if I use this receipe for my Home Economics project...It looks AWESOME!!!

  4. I cooked mee rebus for the first time using the ingredients in your recipe but omitted the sugar and peanuts. My husband had a second helping which means that he enjoyed it. I loved it too.


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