Mini Peanut Puffs

Chinese New Year is round the corner! Besides the ever-popular kuih kapit or Love letters, there is one other New Year snack that’s been around for a long time and is a favourite among the young and old. And that is the humble peanut puff also known as kok zai.

Kok Zai is a simple mini fried puff with an outer wrap made from flour, butter and egg. Some recipes uses oil or shortening in place of butter. Both serve the same purpose – to bind the rest of the ingredients together. As for the filling, it is usually a mixture of ground roasted peanuts and sugar. There are at times variations done to the fillings whereby fried sesame seeds or freshly grated coconut is added to the peanut-sugar fillings.This recipe is adapted from Agnes Chang.I have added fresh grated coconut in the peanut-sugar fillings because I felt it was more tastier.The first time I ate one with this filling was when my neighbor passed me some of this delicious small delicacy.After tasting it, I did tell her that it was more richer.There is only one flaw to it which is you can only keep this peanut puffs for about 2 dayz or so due to the fresh coconut.Maybe you can prepare half with coconut and half without it!!

Agnes is one of the most popular and well-received TV show hosts, in programmes such as “Neptune Ten for Taste” every Sunday morning years back.. She was also consultant to many international food companies .She has written 6 cookbooks for the popular “Her World” magazine.

Agnes has also published 4 of her own cookbooks, “Agnes Chang's Tasty Temptations”(in 1998) “Agnes Chang's Hawkers' Delights” (in 2000), “Baking Made Easy”(in 2001) and “Delightful Snacks and Dim Sum”(in 2003) of which have sold over 50,000 copies each and were on “Yazhou Zhoukan” Magazine's Best Sellers lists. Her series of cooking VCDs have also become collector's items for those who enjoy and love cooking. You can purchase her books or DVD’s here

250g flour
25g butter/margerine
1 egg (beaten lightly with a pinch of salt and 2 tbsp of ice water)

150g fried groundnuts(take out the skin and pound coursely)
2 tbsp fresh white coconut
3 tbsp sugar (more if you like it sweeter)
1 tbsp oil

Sieve the flour into a big mixing bowl and mix in the butter.
Make it into crumbs.
Add in the beaten egg bit by bit until a dough is form.
Knead until pliable and a non sticky dough is formed.
Chill the dough for half an hour in the fridge or room temperature.
In a separate bowl mix all the ingredients for the filling together.
Flatten dough into thin sheet between 2 plastic sheets.
Use a tart cutter or the rim of a small cup to cut out circular shape.
Wrap it with some of the filling and fold over to get a crescent shape.
Stick the edges together with water or egg.
Seal well and pinch the edges with your thumb.
Fry in medium heat till golden brown.

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