Kuih Puteri Ayu

Puteri Ayu is also known as Kuih Nyonya.It is an Indonesian kuih which is green in colour with white coconut topping.It’s a delicious kuih,fragrant with pandan and with a lovely light,moist texture like sponge cake.
This kuih is normally steamed in small plastic moulds which you can get from the night market.Buy as many moulds as you can fill in your steamer so that you steam many kuihs in one time.The kuih comes in many flavoring nowadays and keeps extremely well in the freezer if you have made in a large batch.

2 large eggs
170g caster sugar
200g plain flour,sifted
3/4tsp ovalette

100ml thick coconut milk
1 pandan leaf (cut in a few small parts)
A few drops of green colouring

½ a large grated white coconut
1 tbsp cornflour
A pinch of salt

To extract coconut milk : In a blender ,add in about 1 cup of grated fresh coconut and about 90ml lukewarm water(mix hot and warm water) Add in the cut screwpine leaf and blend together for a few minutes. Sieve and extract the coconut milk + pandan juice.This method is more easier for me .Measure to make sure that you have obtained 100ml of thick coconut milk.Leave aside.
Mix eggs and sugar together with ovalette.
Beat until light and fluffy .Stir in santan/coconut milk mixture and the flour.
Lightly grease small plastic moulds with a little cooking oil and put in a teaspoonful pf coconut mixture into each mould.Press down firmly.
Fill in the mould up to a three quarter full.I have down it half full only so that there is a hole in the middle.If you add in three quarter full , the kuihs will have a hollow in the center.Either ways are exceptable.Steam over rapid boiling water for 12 mins.

Note: You must have ovalette to prepare this kuih so that you get a spongy and fluffy texture.

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