Bandung ABC

(serve 2)

The bandung drink normally comes with rose syrup and evaporated milk .This recipe defers slightly whereby the red kidney beans and coconut milk is added to the drink with actually gives it a very rich taste.You normally come across this drink during the fasting month in most of the bazaar and open food market.

I bought the red kidney beans in tin.Its already cooked and soft and I just wash it nicely in running tap water and leave it in a siever.You can also buy the beans ,soak it for about an hour or so and pressure cooker them .

Ingredients A
70gm red kidney beans
1 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp water

Ingredients B

150ml coconut milk
4 tbsp rose flavoured syrup
100ml ice water
2 tbsp evaporated milk
1 tbsp sugar

In a heat proof bowl mix in red kidney beans,sugar and water, leave to simmer until slightly dry .This is done so that the beans are sweet when we eat them .Smash slightly with the back of a spoon the beans .Keep aside.

In a jug, mix in ingredients B , add in the beans( depends how much you want) and give it a stir.Thatz about it.A very simple recipe . Keep chill at all times.

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  1. yummy! this is one of my favourite drinks.. but never knew to put beans in it. Thanks for sharing :)


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