Cream Corn Pudding


¾ tin of cream corn kernels
150g sugar
210ml coconut milk
100ml evaporated milk
70g corn flour
15g custard powder
620ml water

In a heat prove bowl , combine all the ingredients except cream corn. Stir using a spoon until the sugar dissolve. Check whether the sweetness is to your taste.You can add more if you like but the sweetness from the corn was adequate for me.

Transfer the bowl to the stove.Stir in low flame continuously. Stir in north south way and occasionally anti clock wise. Don’t leave the pudding unattended because it can get burnt easily. I have to admit it is a slightly a tedious job but the end result is worth while.

After 10 mins of continuous stirring, the pudding would look like the picture above.At this stage add in cream corn and continue stirring. Stir for another 40 mins.Hey, you can wipe your hand with a kitchen towel in between. 

Pour into mould which has been rinsed in icy cold water or before preparing the pudding you can let the moulds sit in the fridge . Pour in cool moulds and let it stand in room temperature. You can transfer the pudding in the fridge after 30 mins or so.

This pudding can be a fantastic dessert after lunch or dinner

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