(makes about 18-20 abuk -abuk)

This is a nyonya delicacy.It is best served during tea-time .Its rather a sweet nyonya kuih.I came across this recipe in the Flavour Magazine -March 2004 issue.This is my first attempt in making it, and it came out well.With this recipe am adding some tips of my own.If you refer the picture below there is only one layer of palm sugar/gula melaka in it.It is advisable to make it into two layers so that the kuih is evenly sweet.

Pandan juice
2 large pandan leaves
2 tbsp water
(use a pestle and mortal to extract the pandan juice)

Sago mixture
80g grated coconut(white flesh only)
150g sago pearls,(soaked for 10mins,drained and dry in a colander)
2 tbsp castor sugar
1 banana leaf, cut into 20cm discs,scalded to soften.
25 toothpicks

50g palm sugar/brown sugar
30g castor sugar

A few tips: Its better to squeeze out the excess water from the sago and then dry it in a colander.For scalding the banana leaf, cut into required size ,mentioned here 20cm discs ,but I cut the leaves into 13cmx10cm squares .

Heat up some water in a steamer.Leave for 5 mins,no need to be boiling point, put in all the banana leaves .Leave for a while maybe about 2 mins.Then drain and wipe dry.

Strain the pounded pandan for the juice.Set aside.

Combine grated coconut,sago pearls and sugar in a mixing bowl,tossing well.

Divide the sago mixture into two and add 1 tbsp thick pandan juice to one portion ,with a bit of green apple colouring.Leave another portion plain.

Fold a banana leaf disc into half to form a semi circle or cone shape.If using square shape, just start turning into a cone shape from one edge of the leaf.You can secure the leaf finally with a toothpick.

As mentioned in the introduction, fill in the filling in a way so that you can put in the palm sugar mixture twice. Start with white filling ,then adding palm sugar mixture,then top it with green sago mixture and again with palm sugar mixture,finishing off with the white sago mixture again.

Fold down the banana leaf to cover the cone and stand on its base.Dont worry the mixture wont come down since its solid.Seal it with a tooth pick at the ends.

Steam the abuk abuk over high heat for 5-8mins.

I am submitting the above recipe for Cooking with Seeds-Sago Eventstarted by Priya easy n tasty recipes and at present hosted byKitchen Samraj.

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