Tips Of the Month-September

Art of making pastry

Pastry making is an art that calls for the precise measurement of temperature
,weight and volume .

There are different types of pastries that can be made in a microwave oven but
first, you must know a few things about pastries.

* Always handle your dough lightly so that air can be incorporated without
developing the glutten.The intention here is a tender and flaky crust.

* Avoid using too much flour as it toughens the pastry.Roll pastry in between of plastic wrap to avoid sprinkling of flour.

* Always add liquid gradually into flour to avoid shrinkage during baking.

* Chill dough after mixing to let it relax so as to avoid shrinkage during baking.

* The height of teh work table is important when rolling out pastry in order that undue stress is not put on your back and arm muscles.

* A marble work surface keeps the dough cool.Moreover ,marble doesnt absorb fat or moisture and always remains cool and dry.

* Use pastry flour for pastry that doesnt go through repetitive rolling but it is advisable to use bread flour for puff or Danish pastries.

* If you do not have pastry flour,a blend of cake flour and bread flour can be substituted ,otherwise just use plain flour.

* Use an approximate of liquid as the ability of flour to absorb liquid varies from flour to flour.

* If the recipe calls for a precise amount of flour,add the liquid gradually.If the recipe calls for a precise amount of water,add the flour slowly.

* It is better to have a moist dough that will stiffen in the refrigerator that a hard and unforgiving canonball.

* Always start baking in a very hot oven.The coolness of teh dough and the heat of teh oven causes rapid air expansion to give the desired lightness of texture
to pastry.

* If pie dough is to be baked blind,pierce with a fork or line with weights or beans during baking to prevent heaving and baking unevenly.

* If pie dough is to be filled ,brush a layer of egg onto teh doughand do not pierce the lower crust.This will prevent the crust from getting soggy.

Follow the tips above to have a mouth watering pastry.