Daisy Cookies/Biskut Dahlia

The eagerly waited festival is getting near : Deepavali , which have seen changes over the years in Malaysia.
Celebrating Deepavali in Malaysia is truly a unique experience .Deepavali celebration has transcended racial and cultural barriers to be celebrated in the full spirit of Muhibbah.
While the religious aspect is privately celebrated with close family members at the home altar or temple and usually completed by mid-morning , the social revelry kicks in with much merry making with friends and family of all races coming over to a Deepavali open house or ‘rumah terbuka’ lasting till late night.
Most of the delicacies served to guests during Deepavali are a harmonious blend of Malaysia, there would be Northern Indian sweets such as barfi , ladoo and gulab jammun.South indian curries such as chicken curry and mutton perratal(mutton cooked with spices in a dried version) and even chicken rendang .There are cakes and cookies ,and of course no home will be without dosa / thosai or briyani to complete the menu.
The happiest celebrants are, of course the children who gleefully collect yellow/red packets with money in them – a mutation of the Chinese red ang pow packets.
From the food perspective , its not uncommon these days for families to buy the best sweets from their favorite restaurants or order them specially made. But yet, there are many who still toil over the stove churning out homemade goodies especially for Deepavali.
So, of the many delicacies prepared, am sharing with all of you a cookie recipe first. Followed by a murukku recipe in a few days time.So come back again to check out the famous Murukku which is a recipe of my mum’s .

8 oz flour
3 oz custard flour
1 1/2 oz corn flour
6 oz sugar
7 oz margarine
¾ tbsp vanilla essence
1 egg yolk
Some cut red cherries for decoration

Beat cold margerine and sugar until light and fluffy.Add in egg yolk and vanilla essence.Beat further .Sieve in all the dry ingredients in a bowl.Add tablespoon by tablespoon of dry ingredients in the margarine batter and fold in until all the flour has incorporated well with the cookie batter.
Use a daisy noozle or mold to make the star shapes. Preferable to do it by pressing in firmly some dough in the mould and press in with your thumb or forefinger in a greased pan with greased paper.Give a twist to the mould so that you can take off the mould from the dough easily.Decorate with cut cherries.
Preheat oven 180C and bake for about 9-10mins.

Two types of mould used for doing daisy cookies.Try getting either one of them.

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  1. Hi you have not mentioned how much of sugar should be used under ingredients. It didn't turn out well for me as the cookie crumbled before I can even transfer to a container. Not sure where it went wrong?
    Nevertheless it was worth the try.

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    Thx for highlighting of the miss out!Have written the sugar amount needed.One of the reason the cookie crumble would be lack of liquid ,do try again and let me know how it turn out.Bye.


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