Blue Princess Cookies

The story of the creation of Blue Princess started when my kidz started to ask me why I am not adding blue colouring in my cookies.The original color that I had in mind was green.My son's query was why should cookies be green,pink ,or chocolate .The only answer I had was 'thatz the way it is '!!!!A lame answer that was. To make the story short, finally I agreed to add in blue colouring thus the creation of Blue Princess.They loved the result,and so did I.

Ingredients A

180gm cold butter
130gm icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
Blue colouring

Ingredients B
60gm grounded almonds
40gm cornflour
20gm rice flour
130gm superfine or plain flour

Combine ingredients A and beat until light and fluffy.Combine ingredients B in a bowl and add in bit by bit into ingredients A.Separate the batter into two.Add in section with blue coloring and leave the other dough plain.
Use a piping bag mould. Dismantle the mould slowly from the piping bag. Then add in abit of plain batter ,topping up with blue dough. Press down the dough in a greased pan with grease paper with your forefinger.In this way you will bet a double coloring effect to your cookies.
Preheat oven at 170C and bake for 14mins.Immediately take out from the oven and leave to cool in the greased paper.You can reuse the same grease paper by wiping away the crumbs or use a new one to bake the next batch of cookies.Decorate the cookies as you like.

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  1. I have tried your recipe and the cookies were really fantastic. Thanks for sharing the recipe.


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