Water Convolvulus in spicy coconut milk

(Kangkung Masak Lemak)
Serve 4

This recipe was given to me by a chinese hokkien friend.She told me that it is a famous dish among hokkiens.Even thou this dish is rich with coconut milk, I didn’t mind preparing it., if you use it moderately,then its OK.Just don’t use the combination of thick and thin coconut milk in all your dishes then you will be heading towards an unhealthy living style.
The actual recipe uses anchovies ,sweet potato leaves and bird’s eye chilies.I have changed them with dried prawns ,water convolvulus and green chilies. I must admit that bird’s eye chilies or better known as cili padi here doesn’t agree with me.It wouldn’t kill us but surely will sweat us .LOL.Its rather too hot for my taste. If you have no problem then go ahead in using them.If not use a combination of green chillies and bird’s eye chilies. The procedure overall is the same except there is no need to soak anchovies like the dried prawns.
After cooking it , I only have one comment, this dish would surely be in my menu in future.It was so tasty and finger licking good.I loved it. Check out the recipe and give it a try.


1 tbsp dried prawns (soak in water for 10mins)
150gm water convolvulus or sweet potato leaves
½ a chicken cube
3 cups of semi thick coconut milk
Salt and sugar to taste

To make into a paste
7 shallots
3 cloves garlic
2 cm fresh turmeric
2 cm shrimp paste (belacan)
3 green chillies

Wash and drain the leaves.Separate the water convolvulus stalks from the leaves.Then cut the stalks into approximately 8cm lenghts, discarding the tough stalks.

Heat oil and fry the dried prawns(squeeze out the excess water from the dried prawns before frying) until fragrant .Then add in the pounded/grind ingredients and sauté further until aroma arise.Add in the coconut milk with 1 cup water.Let to simmer.Add in the stalks first and let it soften.Crumble in the chicken cube and add in seasoning to taste.After about 3mins, mix in the water convolvulus. The leaves cooks rather fast therefore once the leaves soften and marinates in the gravy ,close fire.If using potato leaves ,you can cook it a few minutes more because the leaves are more tougher.
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The above recipe is my contribution to the event Think Spice-Think Turmeric Nov 2009 started by Sunita and at present hosted by Bengali Cuisine


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  2. Hi! My mother used to cook this dish quite regularly. However, she adds sweet potatoe cubes. It makes the whole dish richer if not more nutritious. Got to be careful tho' because until the usual potatoes, sweet potatoes cooks faster, you should not end having a pureed version. The sweet potatoe should be almost done before putting in the kangkung.

    Try it.



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