A Bit On Batter-August 2007

Batter is a mixture of flour ,eggs and
liquid.These ingredients are mixed  together to ensure a smooth,light
There are some tips on getting good batter.

◊The quality of batter depends on the amount of cold air trapped in it before cooking.This determines its lightness.Introduce air by beating with
a spoon or whisk.
◊Using eggs can improve batter.In whisked eggs,the albumen holds a large proportion of air\
which helps to make the mixture light.
◊Stand the batter in a cool place for a while before cooking to soften the starch grains so that it cooks well.

◊Unless the cooking temperature is sufficiently high at the start of cooking,the batter is likely to become heavy and sodden.This occurs when it is baked
in a cool oven,fried in insufficiently hot oil or steamed over eater the boiling point.