Baking - July 2007

◊Read the recipe carefully.Note the method.

◊Sift flour.Salt should be sifted together with the flour, as this traps air to
add lightness to the mixture.
◊Accurate measuring is essential.Refer to the
measurement table for conversions,if in doubt.

◊Wash dried or crystallized fruits and spread on paperlined tray to
dry,preferably overnight.

When using the creaming method to make cakes, ensure the eggs are slightly warm
before beating them into the creamed fat and sugar.

In making scones,it is important to make a soft dough as a stiff dough makes
heavy scones.The dough must be kneaded lightly, but not too much, the glaze must
throughly wet the top of the scones ,and the oven must be very hot to ensure

Choose the correct utensils.Use a wooden spoon to cream fat and sugar,stir
batters and sauces, a metal spoon to fold ingredients into beaten mixture.

◊Arrange the oven shelves before pre heating the oven.Next,prepare the
tins,baking sheets etc.
◊When baking a rich fruit cake and other large
cakes,hollow out the center slightly.Cover the cake with a sheet of thick paper
for the first half of the baking time to help it rise evenly and prevent
cracking on top.