Spicy Mango Salad(Kerabu Mangga)

(serves 3 )


2 fresh red chilies
6g dried shrimp paste(belachan)
60-70g young mangoes(semi ripe)(julienned)
½ of an red apple ( julienned)
2 calamansi limes ( limau kasturi)
2 tsp sugar
½ tsp honey

Sourish and hot, this salad keeps good company with white rice . Normally the accompaniment that goes along with this salad are fried fish and some stir fried green leaves like mustard leaves , spinach or water convolvulus.

Some tips before giving you the method of preparing this salad.If you don’t want the dish to be too hot and spicy , cut the chilies half lengthwise and scrap out the seeds. Scraping the chili seeds reduces the hotness in your dish.
As for the dried shrimp paste (belachan), it does have a very strong smell which would not be pleasing to some , you can replace it with 1 tbsp of dried shrimp, soak for 10 minutes, squeeze out the water from the dried shrimp and fry it lightly in a little oil .You can prepare the chili paste earlier .Only mix it with the fruits before serving.


In a wok roast the shrimp paste(belacan).Break up the shrimp paste into small particles .Make sure that it is well roasted until aroma arise.
Pound the red chilies coarsely, add in roasted shrimp paste or fried dried shrimp and pound to a fine paste.Leave aside.

In a bowl, combine julienned mango and apple.Add in chili paste,sugar and honey.Combine all the ingredients together. Finally squeeze the juice from the calamansi limes. Discard the seeds.Mix all the ingredients together.You can add more sugar if you feel if its too sourish . Serve immediately.


  1. hmm...spicy mango salad...looks tempting ...i can feel the sourness...yummy...thanks for sharing.


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