Roti Jala(Type of Crepe)

One of the most unique Malay culinary creation is Roti Jala ['net' bread] which is a sort of crepe or thin pancake. It is made from a crepe-like batter of plain flour, eggs, butter and coconut milk with a dash of turmeric for coloring. A special mould or cup with small holes is used to make a 'lacy' crepe, cooked briefly over a hot greased griddle.Roti Jala is an ideal accompaniment to dishes with lots of rich curry sauces or gravy, and is usually served during special occasions.
In my recipe I have not added turmeric powder.Adding of egg will change the color of the batter into a beautiful creamy color.I have maintain the original colouring.If you want to serve this crepe with savoury dish like chicken curry or fish curry than maintain this recipe. But if you feel that you want to serve it with melted butter and jam then add in 2tsp of sugar with a drop of vanilla essence.


2 cups Plain Flour
1/2 tsp Salt
2 Eggs beaten
2-1/2 cups Coconut Milk (1/2 coconut)


Sift flour into bowl and add salt.
Stir in beaten eggs and coconut milk and beat smooth. Use a whisk. (I normally use a blender .Its easier and not much of time consuming)
Strain batter.
Grease and heat a medium non-stick pan on low heat.
Put a ladleful of batter in roti jala mould and in a circular motion move over a pan so that the pancake will have a lacy pattern. (refer picture above)
Cook until set turn over onto a dish.
There is no need to turn the pancake.
Use your finger tip to ensure the top layer is cooked.
Continue greasing the pan every now and then until batter finishes.
I normally prefer to serve the crepe in a quarterly shape.

But normally its serve in rolls.If you want to roll the crepe then take two edges and flatten in the center.Take out from the pan and roll it .Serve it hot.

For those who do not have the roti jala mould, try making it yourself:

Use a empty condensed milk tin or any other small tins
Wash and dry it.
Make holes in the bottom of the tin using 0.4cm in width nail.
Make about 3 or 5 holes in a triangle shape.
To test,pour a ladleful of batter into the tin and see whether the batter is coming out nicely.
Hold the tin with batter over the pan and move in a circular motion to do the roti jala.

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  1. yummy.. yummy.. roti jala is one of my favorite.. love the thick red curry.. with potato ... hhmmmm


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