Handling Meat - June 2007

These simple, common sense steps will ensure safe and hygienic food storage.But if you have
the slightest doubt about the freshness of any food, dont taste it - throw it away!

1.Always wash hands and utensils thoroughly before and after handling meat.
2.Never handle cooked and uncooked meats together.Do not cut them up with the same utensils or on the same board.
3.Store cooked meat above the raw meat so that blood from raw meat dos not drip on cooked meat.
4.Defrost meat in the refrigerator before cooking, never defrost at room temperature.
5.Do not refreeze raw meat which has completely defrosted.
6.Cook large joints and roast sufficiently.Use a meat thermometer to check.
7.Use care with mince.Its greater exposed of meats means it should be cooked as soon as possiable after defrosting.
8.If fried or barbecued meats are to be eaten cold, they should be placed in the refrigerator while still warm and stored below 4 deg C (40 deg F).
9.Keep pet food in a covered container away from your food.
10.Always make a habit of covering or folding the cooked meats with plastic wrap.