Crispy Enoki Mushroom

There are more recipes from my contributions from which I have not added.You could say am taking my time !  But then , I have to admit that most of the recipes are spicy.What can I say !! A major part of Malaysian cuisine are spicy and rich .But yet there are also mild use of spices in many gravies.In time, I hope I can add more less spicy dish.

For today , I want to blog a non spicy dish .Give you my word its really a fabulous side dish,by the time the dish reach the dinner table, it disappears!!!

Personally am not much of a mushroom eater.I hate button mushroom ,I don’t know why,maybe coz of its chewyness.But hey….for those who love it ..carry on .. :-) But then many of my chinese friends eat mushrooms. They say its very good for health and almost in every occasions , a dish with mushroom in it ,is a must.

But there is one type of mushroom which was introduced to me in a Chinese food show in TV…..Enoki mushroom.I have never eaten this type of mushroom and even thou I have come across in the supermarkets, I don’t buy it.But after seeing it in Ho Chak show,i wanted to try it out.Of course in the show it didn’t say much but just presented the enoki mushroom which had already been fried.It was later disclosed that the ingredients were flour and salt!!

I bought Enoki mushroom in my next visit to Jaya Jusco.Tried it out ,of course with some reservation, since it was the first time I was trying my hand on this type of mushroom.
After doing the dish….i can only say “it was simply suberb’ Since then crisp enoki mushroom fried is one of the many dishes that I cook at home. I would like to share the recipe with all of you.

Before that I would like to share my knowledge which I have gathered about Enoki mushrooms. It has a mild but delightful flavor and a pleasantly crunchy texture.Traditionally, enoki is lightly cooked, and served in soups or in stir-fries with vegetables and meat. Too much cooking can make the stems tough and stringy. Enoki is often added uncooked to fresh salads and sandwiches, although cooking does make the mushrooms much easier to digest and renders the nutritional and medicinal components more available for assimilation by the body.Enoki mushrooms are low in calories and contain a good amount of vitamin D. They also contain small amounts of riboflavin, thiamin, and niacin, and are high in fiber.


I packet enoki mushroom
3 tbsp self raising flour
Salt to taste


Cut off and discard the bottom of the cluster of mushrooms (up to the point where individual mushroom stems can be separated).

Separate the mushrooms one by one until you get untangle mushrooms.

Then, let the mushrooms "marinate" for a while in the flour and salt .Only leave them about 10-15 mins and not longer .

In a large, wok add 1 cup of oil. Wait until the oil heats up.Make sure the oil is heated up enough so that when you put in the mushrooms it immediately fries.

Drop the mushrooms into a colander to remove excess flour. Drop a few
at a time into the oil and coat each well. It only takes a few minutes to fry it therefore don’t leave the wok.

Continue to cook until the degree of crispness is achieved.

The finished product would be the most
delicate, and crisp mushrooms used as a side vegetable.

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