Egg Sambal

Egg Sambal is a hot dish but tasty, can be a side dish for briyani.


6 boiled small Eggs (wipe it clean so there is no liquid)
2 tbsp Tomato Sauce
1 tbsp Chilli Sauce
Salt & Sugar
1-2 tbsp Tamarind juice

For the Sambal/Grind:
10 dried Chillies (soak in water for 30 min)
5 Garlic
1' Shrimp paste (belacan)
10 Shallots or 2 large Onions

1. In low fire add in the eggs and fry gently.
2. Dish out once all the sides are fried.
3. For the sambal (use the same oil, add more if required)
4. Saute the grinded ingredients until oil surface
5. Add in the sauces, salt and sugar, tamarind juice and close the fire.
6. Add in the fried eggs and well coat the eggs with the sambal.
7. The gravy is a dried version