Cucur Udang(Deep Fried Ladle Cakes With Prawns)

This dish can be made as a side dish or a tea snack.


120 gms self-raising flour
a pinch of baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 egg,beaten with a fork
150ml water
100gm shelled prawns
50gm beansprouts
Chopped: 1 large onions, 2 stalks spring onions

For the chilli sauce
4 fresh red chillies
1 shallots
1 nip garlic
1-1/2" ginger
2 tbsp tomato sauce
sugar and salt to taste
2 tbsp white or artificial vinegar

Combine all the ingredients in a mixer and grind smoothly. Add water to get a semi light consistency. Marinate for 1 hr before serving.

Method for the cake:

1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl except the prawns.
2. Heat oil in a deep saucepan for deep frying.
3. Dip a metal ladle into a hot oil for 1 min
4. Remove the ladle and put in about 11/2tbsp of batter mixture to fill ladle.
5. Press in a prawn in the center.
6. Deep fry until the cake turns golden
7. Loosen the cake from the ladle with a small knife.
8. Drop the cake into hot oil again and cook until it turns golden brown
9. Drain in absorbent paper,serve with chilli sauce.

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